Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Chuckle Brothers, A Chucklevision Christmas & Halloween!

When the Chuckle Brothers did the talent show TV double by winning Opportunity Knocks in 1967 and New Faces in 1974, few would have believed that they would go on to become one of Britain’s best loved and most enduring comedy acts.  This season see the release of 2 classic Chuckle Brothers DVD's from the first ever series! Each DVD contains 3 hilarious episodes. Chucklevision Christmas which features;

D. I. Y - The Chuckle Brothers give out some useful tips on decorating and D.I.Y. There's also Armchair theatre with Billy Butler and magic from Simon Lovell.

Open Ear - This Episode theme is open ear, featuring Butlers Armchair Theatre and magic from simon Lovell.

Christmas - The Chuckle Brothers prepare for yuletide with thier own show, it's going to be quite a Christmas! Also Billy Butler's Armchair Theatre and magic from Simon Lovell.

The second release see the Chuckle Brothers get up to all sorts of barmy'ness at Halloween, where Paul and Barry Chuckle set out to investigae spooky going's on  at halloween. Chucklevision Halloween features;

Fitness - Time to get fit for the winter as The Chuckle Brothers embark on thier own body building regime. Meanwhile Billy Butler's on location with Armchair Theatre and magic from Simon Lovell.

Halloween - Its Halloween today and the Chuckle Brothers set out to investigate the supernatural world. Also featuring Billy Butler's Armchair Theatre.

- Today the Chuckle Brothers demonstrate their own special way to look after valuable antiquesand paintings plus Billy Butler's Armchair Theatre and magic from Simon Lovell.

Both episodes are availble to order on Amazon and on Chucklevision Christmas & Chucklevision Halloween now. To me.. To you..